Advertising gadgets INFUS



Company: INFUS Sp. z o.o.

Address: Poznańska 27

City:Wiórek k. Poznania

Post Code : 61-160

Voivodship: Wielkopolskie

Telefon: (061) 893 94 97, 893 90 30, 893 94 16

Fax: (061) 893 90 30



Contact person : Aleksander Kóska - Director

The Infus Company exists for over 12 years on the market and systematically increases the number of its clients.

Our offer includes a wide range of advertising products and services, from screen and offset printing to billboards, advertising inscriptions and web sites. We dispose of our own photo studio, computer studio and a printing house.

We are a producer of convex advertising stickers, which differs us from other advertising agencies.

Our convex stickers 3D LOGO could be used to present a company or a product from its best side. Thank their esthetical form they could emphasise company’s image and the unique plastic coating technology increases their galling and weather resistance. In order to meet our customer’s needs we are able to produce the convex stickers in each size and in each shape.

Our product has been widely recognized by PC and household devices’ producers. It is a perfect way of advertising, which is raising a prestige of the company and the product.

Another leading products are our mouse pads. These gadgets as no other provide amount of space for your company’s description and are always “under the hand” of your customer.

We are also producing lanyards, that are in fashion lately.

Our offer is offer is supplemented by label pins and key fobs and other gadgets with convex stickers.

Our offer:

  • convex stickers
  • lanyards
  • mouse pads
  • beer mats
  • blotting pads
  • guarantee stickers
  • self adhesive labels
  • label pins
  • advertisement in Internet